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Mládežnícka výmena Bridge for the better beginnings v Mostar, Bosna a Hercegovina
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Date(s) - 22/08/2013 - 29/08/2013
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Our first project ever! 🙂 and although it was held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ADEL was the main organizer. The youth exchange was focused on spreading of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence among the young people from the Western Balkan countries. Our goal was to prevent condemnation,national or religion intolerance, deal with the past, continue with process of reconciliation, but also supportof european integration – in the sense that only together we can prevent conflicts as it happened in the past and together try for peaceful solution in whichever conflict.

The youth exchange was held for 6 days, and it included 9 countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina,Serbia, Slovenia, FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo (under UNSC Resolution 1244/1999) + Czech Republic and Slovakia (from each country were 4+1 participants). We have choosed Czech Republic and our country purposely, because we can be like a paragon of good relations, which also have not been so good one in the past.

„What does peace mean for you?”This was the question of European Commission in reaction to award Nobel Prize for peace European Union. The answer of the winner, who participated in award, was: “My grandparents would say dream. My parents would say process. I say it is my everyday reality.” Yes, really it is so, young people across the EU consider peace almost as commonplace, so through this they can appreciate its value more and realize that during war everybody lost and winners don’t exist.

For the youth exchange, we have decided to organize it in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the city Mostar, because of the fact that this city witnessed some of the worst war experiences during the war. Mostar actually inspired the creation of this youth exchange project, whereas it connects not only two sides, but also the nations and religion.

Our long term vision is to organize youth exchange about similiar topic each year in every country of the former Yugoslavia, what bring up the possibility to join more young people and to build a better future together, overcome prejudices and develop a tolerance to diversity. We believe in a new generation that will break the ice and continue to create history through tolerance and compromise
THANKS to all participants and partner organizations for their active participation and involvement in the project organization and to the Youth in Action programme for the opportunity to realize this project!

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