Empowerement of Your Future

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Date(s) - 05/05/2017 - 10/05/2017
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Malaga, Spain

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Summary what was training course about:

It is not a secret that Europe experiences today a time of crisis, in particular from the economic point of view. One of the consequences of the crisis are the current high levels of youth unemployment across the EU. According to Eurostat data of October 2015, despite a slight improvement over the peak reached in 2013, the situation in many countries is still alarming. The youth unemployment rate in the EU is 20%. The situation is particularly serious in Spain and Italy, where youth unemployment rates are the highest in Europe (47.7% and 39.8% respectively), but also countries such as France, however, have a higher level than the average (24.7%). In response to this condition, the European Commission has promoted several initiatives (in particular the Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020) designed to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of Europe, to remove existing barriers and revolutionize the culture of entrepreneurship in Europe.

The project “Empowerment of Your Future” adhered to the European action in the field of youth entrepreneurship. The promoters of the project believe that the current socio-economic situation in Europe, and more generally, the challenges that young Europeans have been facing with today, require a paradigm shift. If times change and new challenges emerge, requiring new forms of engagement with and for young people, the youth work and the non-formal education become fundamental ways to promote learning and empowerment of young people, in line with those expressed in “The Socio-Economic Scope of Youth Work in Europe” (EU-CoE Youth Partnership and SALTO 2008).

The main objective of the project was to provide innovative tools and methods to help participants develop transferable skills useful to improve employability, in particular the sense of entrepreneurship and the ability to communicate effectively.


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