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Date(s) - 16/06/2022 - 24/06/2022

Struga, Macedonia

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As of 2014, 143 countries have guaranteed equality between men and women in their constitutions, but unfortunately one third of the developing countries are still falling behind with achieving this goal. Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and therefore also half of its potential. But, today gender inequality
persists everywhere and unfortunately stagnates the social progress. Thus, gender equality still seems like a faraway goal. Even with the progress that has been made, the numbers continue to tell a discouraging story. For example, disadvantages in education translate into lack of access to skills and limited opportunities in the labor
market. In fact, over 2 billion women don’t have the same employment options as men, and at this current rate it will take about a century to close the global pay gap. Furthermore, while human trafficking affects men and women, women and girls make up over 70% of the world’s human trafficking victims. In the face of this data, gender
equality needs to be a priority. Regardless of where we live in, gender equality is a fundamental human right.

The project’s objectives are the following:
● To enable gaining knowledge and change in young people’s attitudes regarding the importance and benefits of supporting gender equality;
● To allow exchange of issues and realities between young people living in societies with low gender gap and those coming from countries with higher levels of inequalities;
● To explore the factors contributing to gender inequality and to discuss solutions and actions;
● To enable young people to acquire digital skills and to encourage them to use their knowledge for contributing to a greater cause;
● To support active youth involvement, as well as to promote social inclusion and anti-discrimination;
● To promote the Erasmus+ programme and to support greater recognition of non-formal education;
● To encourage intercultural encounters and acceptance of cultural differences.

Youth Exchange is for everyone who is interested in the topic more, to meet new people and culture and wants to travel abroad from the age of 18 until 30, leader can be anyone over 18 with at least little experience with projects or working with youngsters.

Participants will be from North Macedonia North Macedonia, Italy Italy, Turkey Turkey, Serbia Serbia, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Lithuania Lithuania and Slovakia Slovakia. There will be 6 participants from each country. 

Accommodation HERE and food will be provided and financed from the Erasmus + program during the whole training. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 euro and a 50 euro fee (which can be returned after the project, more info will be given after returning back home) 


❗️Entry to the country is free for the vaccinated or recovered people, the same applies for returning home. ❗️