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Date(s) - 01/02/2020 - 31/12/2022
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Slovakia, Italy, Malta, Greece

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Selected participants

“If you want people who are on your side, with good contacts in all the European countries and can really help you find work, for free, then knock on the door of a EURES adviser.”

This assessment, the real testimony of an EURES services user, was the source of inspiration for our project. Starting from this initial reflection, the project has been implemented working on the analysis of the following points:

  1. the evidence of the huge amount of opportunities the European Union offers to young people to find a job, a traineeship, a volunteer activity
  2. the most recent trend of youth work that demonstrates how youth organisations engaging in youth work have the potentiality to implement activities specifically focused on fostering employability.

Putting these two elements together, the project faces two priorities: promoting quality of youth work and promoting empowering of young people. The two selected priorities have in the project, as a whole, a different weight but are closely interconnected. The project flow of activity and the designed working plan have been structured according to these priorities, with the aim to offer to youth workers learning opportunities and skills development on a sector that can facilitate youth employability, labour and educational mobility.

According to the project priorities and main objective, the project is going to design and implement a course, including a kit of tools (released on a elearning platform) for youth workers to let them increasing their competences on the labour market framework and on the opportunities the Union offers to young people with the final aim to foster employability, at local level, valorising, in particular, the opportunity the EU offers to young people.

The online course contains the following four modules:

  1. an overview of the opportunities the EU offers to young people searching for a job with a focus on the EURES services;
  2. A selection of European best practices on youth work activities clearly oriented towards fostering the labour market integration of young people;
  3. A selection of tools to create a CV, a letter of presentation, a personal book of oneself works etc.;
  4. A kit of tools to design and release a scheduled promotional campaign on the EURES services to be organised on a yearly base using different channels

The partners will design, implement, evaluate and test the course by a team project that includes both youth workers with the external collaboration of a selected group of people, including experts of the labour market policies, and organisations representing the project stakeholders.

After the course testing phase, a selected group of youth workers will manage a series of labs in schools, youth associations or youth centres and VET organisations, to prove the effectiveness of the learned lessons.

The implementation of labs will let the youth workers to test, in practice, the new competencies and skills acquired and will let the participating young people to increase their knowledge of the labour market framework, including the opportunities the UE offers to them in this sector. The labs foreseen the following sections:

  1. introduction to the national and European labour market general framework
  2. presentation of the European opportunities for young people (EURES, EVS, etc.)
  3. practical activity finalised to the design of a personal CV.

The total amount of the participants is at least 500. They will be actively involved in the project in the following phase:

  1. participants to the IO1 evaluation phase (external evaluators);
  2. youth workers testing the IO1;
  3. youth workers acting as testimonials in a serie of short video stories XXX;
  4. youth workers implementing the labs;
  5. young people participating to the labs;
  6. the participants to the multiplier events.

They are listed in sequence, according to the chronological order by which they “enter” in the project.

The project is going to experience an innovative partnership blending 4 organisations that belong to different sectors: 1social enterprise located in Malta, 1 Italian SME dealing with social communication and non formal education, 2 youth associations (one from Slovak and one from Greece) that bring to the project their direct experience in the youth field and their relevant network at European level.

In addition the project will implement 3 Transnational meetings and 4 Multipliers events to widely disseminate its results.