No Pain No Gain

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Date(s) - 08/08/2021 - 16/08/2021

Pärnu, Estonia

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The idea of a youth exchange has been born thanks to today’s declining physical activity habits among youth, which is related to the current changing labor market, which favors seated occupations, low mobility and economic well-being. It is enhanced by marketing, forming our traditions and preferences. This youth exchange provides knowledge about dietary health risks as well as the risks associated with daily habits. During the youth exchange, we find a common approach to both healthy eating and having good physical habits. Participants in this youth exchange are interested in acquiring knowledge about healthy eating and analyzing everyday habits. The youth exchange will be held in Estonia in August 2021, during which young people will learn from each other through games and creativity-enhancing tasks through non-formal learning about risks arising from their habits of their everyday life and finding healthy alternatives to them. The knowledge gained in this youth exchange gives participants more information for healthy choices in life. We support the engagement of the initiative, giving each young person the opportunity to conduct an energizer or a workshop, which gives them the experience of how to organize or share knowledge at local level after the project. Young people also gain knowledge of other cultures and nationalities, with 30 people participating from 6 countries.

Participants will be from Lithuania Lithuania, Slovenia Slovenia, Portugal Portugal, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Estonia Estonia and Slovakia Slovakia. From each country will be 5 participants.