Volontiram za sport vol. 2

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Date(s) - 15/02/2021 - 15/02/2022

Zagreb, Croatia

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Selected participants

Lenka is on 1 year volunteering project in Softball Club Princ Zagreb.


The objective of the project is to promote solidarity through sports and the activities of volunteers involved in the project. Through the project, the involvement of all young people in sports is important, regardless they have opportunities, or fewer opportunities. Through the project, we also equip volunteers with new skills that will serve them in later everyday life. Some of these skills are: awareness of the topic of health through physical activities in young people and adolescents and the benefits of sports for general health, basic skills in executing certain tasks in the field of administrative and marketing tasks. Volunteers will influence our athletes and the entire local community through diverse activities such as: involving young people with fewer opportunities, activating children in and out of school to physical activity, various workshops, camps and trainings. Through the project, we enable volunteers, but also our young people to take part in solidarity activities by which we achieve positive social change. The project will improve volunteer’s skills and competences for personal, educational, social, civic, cultural and professional development. This project will raise awareness of the benefits of the ESS program so that organizations that are non-profit would implement projects and envision the outstanding benefits that are attained through them. We believe that more people from different sports and backgrounds, both geographical and age, should join this program because we will achieve a wider range of knowledge and skills that can later be transferred to others. 

Our goal is for our athletes to see volunteers as a role model. To envision the very act of volunteering as an opportunity to better themselves through learning in other countries with strangers and finding out different new experiences and skills. 

We will raise sports to a higher quantitative level and apply various tools to bring awareness to people that physical activity in any form should be present in everyone’s life. It is very important to us as a non-profit organization that it is clear what our goal is and what we are fighting for. 

Our volunteers will take part in seminars and workshops and will hold various events to educate people about the importance of physical activity in everyday life. We want more people to be involved in sports by the conclusion of this project, or at least to be aware of how much physical activity we require for our health. 

Activities what we will implement: 

We will carry out various interesting activities that will vary depending on the period of the year. Volunteers will participate in the training in an amount and manner appropriate to their knowledge. The volunteer is there to work with young people in the already established security system, to learn about working with children and to contribute with some new knowledge and experiences. In these trainings, volunteers will have the chance to develop softball skills and skills in working with children. 

Sport in schools. 

Two hours a week of physical education in schools represents the basis for teaching the young people the importance of physical activity. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the European Commission, school-age children and young people should spend 60 minutes a day engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity (EU Physical Activity Guidelines, 2008). The activities we carry out would provide children with the necessary physical activity while developing different skills. The volunteer will run the Baseball5 game in schools together with the coach. The volunteer will explain to the children about the game, and together with the coach, they will teach the children how to play that game for which they only need a simple soft ball. This is a continuation of our last project, in which we started to do the same in schools, only now other children are involved. We already have cooperation with schools and it has been agreed that we will start playing in the school year 2021/22. The coach with the volunteers will visit the schools and go to the same class every two weeks and help the teachers to play with the kids and at the same time develop skills such as throwing, running, hitting. When we teach children to play, we want them to play it after school, because they can play it anywhere, on the playground, in the square in the neighborhood or on the meadow. There needs to be a couple of them to play. Our younger members who are still in primary school will start their small teams from the class, and after school, they will activate children who are not otherwise involved in sports to play actively. 

The main outcome is activating children to be more active. 

Intercultural workshops – volunteers will lead various workshops, depending on their motivation and desire. They will prepare presentations about their country, language, culture, and will have the opportunity to teach their mother language. They can also conduct culinary lessons if they wish – it depends on the volunteer. 

Volunteers will be involved in all marketing and dissemination activities, from updating and running the website, taking photos at events, making videos, presenting events and preparing presentations for sponsors. 

During the summer season, we organize three major international tournaments. Volunteers will be fully involved in the entire preparation, from communicating with the teams, writing statistics, taking charge of the equipment, setting up the field, creating a newsletter, scheduling, and sending calls. During the tournament, volunteers and members organizers will have tasks such as photographing, video transmission and field maintenance.