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David from Canary Islands in ADEL


David came to our organisation for 6 months thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Who is him and why did he decided for such a project?

“I am David, I studied psychology in the small Canary Islands where I was raised and born. Since a child I always wanted to discover what was behind that big sea and life brought me to the point where I could start discovering the world, all I need is a guitar and a good book in order to feel at home. I have been working for big companies like Disney or Zara and for small ones but very unique like We road and Contactel.

All my experiences has been always with public speaking and leading the situation, which I love. I did my Erasmus Volunteer Service in Latvia where I was teacher guitar and Spanish to kids and teenagers. After a few months I realized that organizing events was one of the things I like the most so I started to organize trip for students and I was lucky enough to participate in them as well. Step by step I was opening myself to the Erasmus world and the huge network, that’s why I wanted to create my own NGO after participating in 28 projects (ToT, YE, TC…).

The skills that I’ve developed all this years made had a dream about a travel agency and that brought me to Bratislava. Thanks to Lenka and her amazing organization, I was able to get accepted the project from Erasmus in order to start my own company and starting an organization with her. I never expected to feel very motivated for just an idea untill Erasmus and Adel made them possible.”

Volunteer Projects abroad during Covid19


Volunteer projects are still ongoing nowadays, as its basically the same as moving due a work to another country. How is the whole process going now? If you are interested, keep reading

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2019 and what next?


Over the past year, 236 people have had the opportunity to participate on 56 exchanges and trainings in 24 countries, and 12 volunteers in 7 countries have started their volunteer project. In addition,
we were involved in many other local activities and projects during the year!  

CUstomized SuPport to Youth Development of Active Leadership” – a project to develop young people’s leadership skills in cooperation with
organizations from Latin and Central America – we organized training in Sardinia and a youth exchange in Costa Rica 

Entrepreneurship Skills for Youth” – a project aimed at developing young
people’s entrepreneurial skillsWeekend trainingpublication,
platform and many other activities…  

Be the Change” – we hosted a training in Slovakia for 29 people from
different countries on self-developmentrecognition and combating
prejudice and stereotypes.  

Winter Sport is Coming” – all preparatory phases are done and in March we will organize camps for Slovaks and foreigners living in Slovakia.  

Good Governance in Sport” – within the projectwe prepared
publicationsorganized 2 events in Bratislava and informed sports
clubs and federations and the possibilities of financing sports from EU funds.  

The Citizens Are United” – we co-organized several cultural
events for foreigners living in Slovakia.  

And what will next year be likeWe already know that we will launch many more
activities next year:

Eco-Friendly Sports” – we will organize events such as ploggingtree planting,
construction of birdhousesrepair events– i.eWhich we will contribute to
the protection of the environment and at the same time to the movement
people. We are coordinating the project in cooperation with partners
from 7 other countries. Where we will organize similar events as well!  

Dare to be Different” – Are we and our V4 neighbors really as racist
xenophobic as many surveys present? We will help to implement
the so-called social experiments – different situations ️ and 
people in contact with people of different skin color or religion.  

Youth Hiking in Digital Age” – we will organize several tours and workshops
the Carpathianswhere we will use a drone and other digital technologies
take photos, film and create digital mapsWe are cooperating on the project
together with partners from Romania and Poland, and we will carry out similar
activities there as well. 

 “SPEAR – SPort Education Against Radicalization” – we will create a network of 16 ambassadors who will organize various sports events
and online 
campaigns in their communities against radicalization. 

RISE – Roma Inclusion through Sport in Europe” – with the aim of collecting existing proven practices – sports-educational
activities aimed at the inclusion of Roma youth and developing
methodology that can be implemented by other NGOs and sports organizations.  

Brave New YOU – reloaded” – several educational events will be implemented
involve young people with fewer opportunities.  

AIRBAG OF ERASMUS +” – aimed at creating a web platform and application
where organizations will find tools to prevent risky situations during Erasmus

Details of almost all projects are on our website, we will gradually
add those that are missing. 

We wish you all the best in the New Year and keep your fingers crossed that we will continue to bring you as many interesting opportunities as possible! 

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ADEL and ECO T-shirts and bags


Since several of you said that you like ADEL T-shirtsnow you can have them.
We made them more, just with the logo on the back compared to the original
model. In 
addition to ADEL T-shirtswe decided to make a little more unusual
shirtswhich will also spread a certain “message” – in this casethe need to
behave more environmentally friendly, as this topic bothers us a lot.
We have available also bags.  


ADEL t-shirt: 5eur,  

ECO T-shirt: 10eur  

Bag: 1 euro when ordered together with a T-shirt, 2 euro when ordered only bag  

30% of the price of each T-shirt will be donated to charity.  You will decide in ordering formular.
We will inform you about the whole process and results of this initiative.  

Available sizes:  

Women: S and M  

Men: M, L, XL 

More photos herehttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1CC3fhzemh-ZojhWjU5R6qx_fWXUjetxg 

If you are interestedfill out the form below and write an email to info@adelslovakia.org that you are interested
something so that we can check the form as soon as possible ? 


After sending the orderwe will send instructions for payment and only after
payment we will send the goods 


Black T-shirts: 

Men: https://www.adler.info/SK/sk/Eshop_Product/ADLER/tricka/129/01/ 

Women: https://www.adler.info/SK/sk/Eshop_Product/malfini/tricka/122/01/?i=1 

Blue T-shirts: 

Men: https://www.adler.info/SK/sk/Eshop_Product/ADLER/tricka/129/44/?i=1 

Women: https://www.adler.info/SK/sk/Eshop_Product/malfini/tricka/122/01/?i=1 

Bags: https://www.adler.info/SK/sk/Eshop_Product/piccolio/tasky/p93/00/ (Please note that this is not cottonbut polypropyleneWe made a mistake when
entering the printThe bag will of course serve its purposebut it is not a pleasant material). 

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What we achieved in 2018


We all summarizing and analyzing the year, so how was 2018 for ADEL?

We sent 423 participants to 81 youth exchanges and training courses. This is a decrease compared to previous years, as we have decided to focus more on quality than quantity.

Together you were in 27 countries: Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Albania, France, Portugal, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Croatia, Ireland, UK, Serbia, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Belgium.

In addition, 17 volunteers had the opportunity to spend several months in 7 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, Latvia).
We have managed to successfully complete many long-term projects, which we have been working on throughout the year:

Wave On Wave – Seafaring heritage and sports for young people’s physical activity” – a project aimed at promoting water sports among children. We carried out a survey, a camp for children, local activities, etc.

You Are Welcome” – we organized several interactive and culturally focused workshops in order to create opportunities for  Slovaks to get to know foreigners living in Slovakia and for them to create opportunities to get to know our culture.

Eastern Europe Open Boundaries” – we participated in the preparation of a publication where it is possible to find various educational methods
and tools to combat racism, discrimination, prejudice against minorities and refugees.

IMAPPY” – we participated in the preparation of the application and the so-called “Survival kit” for migrants to facilitate their integration into Slovak society, where they can find important contacts, institutions and information about the visa process, events, etc.

IncludeInvolveImprove!” – a project aimed at disseminating information about the Erasmus + program to as many young people as possible.

Duel Amical” – we helped to start the activities of the debate magazine in Slovakia as well.  

These projects were successfully completed and we managed to launch many more during the year: 

Entrepreneurship Skills for Youth” – a project aimed at developing young people’s entrepreneurial skills. We have implemented several activities
and we will soon announce the opportunity to participate in a weekend event on this topic in Slovakia.  

The Citizens Are United” – a similar project to “You Are Welcome”  

CUstomized SuPport to Youth Development of Active Leadership” – a  project on the development  of leadership skills of young people from
disadvantaged backgrounds in cooperation with organizations from countries – Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica.

Winter Sport is Coming” – within which we will organize camps for Slovaks and foreigners living in Slovakia and so through winter sports try to connect
these groups and build more open and tolerant views of young people towards foreigners.

Good Governance in Sport” – the project focuses on the analysis of transparency of sports institutions.

Mix it Up – Shake it Up” – the aim of the project is to develop recommendations and mechanisms for monitoring youth mobility in order to ensure
the transfer and use of acquired knowledge during mobility at the local or national level.

Details of all projects are on our website.  

We wish you all the best in the New Year and keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to bring you as many interesting opportunities as possible this year as well!

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Announcement about the current situation


We would like to inform you, that we dont plan any further projects or events for the upcoming weeks. All of them have been postponed as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19. We strongly believe that the situation will end soon and afterwards new opportunities from us will be published too 🙂

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