CCC: Communicate, Create, Cooperate!

Tréning CCC: Communicate, Create, Cooperate! v Stanfu Gheorghe, Rumunsko
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Dátum konania
17/09/2016 - 25/09/2016

Miesta konania
Sfanfu Gheorghe, Rumunsko

Typ projektu:

“CCC: Communicate, Create, Cooperate!” – Training course on competence development of young people with fewer opportunities by cooperative learning structures through youth work activities was held in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania between 17-25 September 2016. There were 30 participants from Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, France, Spain and Romania and 4 experts working together during the week on the topic.

The overall aim of this training course was to understand the meaning of cooperative learning, to explore its techniques and structures and adapt it into youth work realities based on the needs of young people with fewer opportunities. Being able to understand the different motivation factors of young people and how it can be used within youth work activities. Being able to prepare, run and evaluate youth work workshops by using techniques and structures of cooperative learning on developing social skills, communication skills, decision making skills, know – how, information skills, critical thinking, creative thinking and cooperation skills of young people with fewer opportunities. Initiate local and international youth projects, workshops, activities, etc. by using cooperative learning structures and share and improve its methodology regarding youth work activities.

The training course was built on the methodology of non – formal education and based on the techniques and structure of cooperative learning. Participants got the chance to participate actively in a cooperative learning process then make a meta – reflection in order to assess the techniques and structures and adapt it into their daily youth work based on the needed competence development of their target groups. The training course was learner – centred and have a vast focus on the diversity of the group and the different learning styles of participants. It was specialised into group working processes nevertheless there was provided a huge meta – reflection part on attention with the individual self –assessment, feedback, dialogue space and assessment of group dynamics, methods, techniques used and professionally can be adapted.

The manual created during the training course is available HERE.