Gamification is the Answer

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01/12/2021 - 01/12/2022

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Our main objective comes from the need that we identified in the society. As we have evaluated satisfaction and engagement of youth during youth projects and identified that participants lose their attention and interest when they are interactively engaged with their minds and their bodies are not physically active. It is generalized for their entire lives.

“Traditional” approaches of learning, studying, interacting have a bad influence on their self-motivation. Young people seek for challenges, cognitive and physical involvement and satisfaction. Based on our research we created a project which aims to share knowledge about gamification and game-based learning in order to solve the above-mentioned issue. These methods offer game design elements to promote desired behavior and drive learning outcomes. Simple examples we offer are: levels, feedback schemes, competition, simulations, role-plays. It is like applying joy to everyday life. These methodologies are used for solving the issues of decreased motivation, inspiring youth, raising their competitiveness and productivity, breaking bad habits. “Gamification is The Answer” is a space for youth to learn how they benefit from the added value of gamification. They can apply it to formal and non-formal environments, online and offline situations and gamify their learning process as well as their everyday lives.

We are involving more and less experienced organizations from 6 different countries from Slovakia, Georgia, Lithuania, Greece, Armenia and Romania; hosting a project in Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia and creating an environment where partners will be able to share their expertise and educate participants in order to enable them with the skills in gamifying situations. Our participants are getting empowered to bring more joy to their everyday lives and become multipliers of their competencies. With them our objective is to create local activities and spread the knowledge to local organizations, volunteers, activists and other stakeholders.

“Gamification is The Answer” is an 8-day-mobility based on non-formal learning methods. Apparently, the methodologies we discuss are considered as “boosters” of non-formal learning. So, it is beneficial to partners to be organizing these activities as they will apply it to the future projects of theirs. Participants will be taking part in workshops, discussions, debates; they will be playing and learning, gamifying situations; making role-plays, simulations; attending masterclasses and putting their ideas into practice.