Sport as tool for inclusion of immigrants

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11/04/2022 - 20/04/2022

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Zadar, Croatia

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„Large-scale youth sport work events for inclusion of immigrants and asylum seekers“ aims to promote the approach of using sport and sports games as a learning tool for organising large scale events, with a focus on the inclusion of immigrants and asylum seekers. 

Reality at the whole European level is that even if young immigrants and asylum seekers have been integrated into the society, interethnic and other differences among people cause prejudice/tensions, hatred, fear, and exclusion in regular daily life. 
Even in countries seen as tolerant, it is still a serious problem for some groups to feel and act as a rightful part of the society, not to mention even places where tolerance is not that popular. Integration is always a two-way process in which both the young immigrants and residents become adjusted to each other. 

Integration is promoted by a safe and non-discriminatory environment and a feeling that you can trust other people and the authorities. A perfect example of this kind of environment is sport and sports activities. 
What partner organizations noticed and realized from our previous experience in organizing youth work activities is a sport can bring people together, as when playing a sport together for the same team, team players are not focused on the interracial, intercultural, interreligious, and other differences between them, but are focused on building quality teamwork together respecting each other’s strengths and weaknesses and complementing each other. 

The sport follows rather uniformed rules and norms, language is less important for communication than in other parts of the social life, and jointly experiencing victories, defeat, and emotions create a feeling of community. But we should also be aware, that this favourable structural characteristic of sport regarding integration is not a matter of course, is not coming automatically. The effects need to be strived for. 
The activities have to be arranged methodically in an appropriate way by experienced instructors. When not practised in the proper environment, sports can also lead to negative values, such as selfishness, the pursuit of fame, the desire to win at any cost, among others.

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