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Dátum konania
02/04/2017 - 06/04/2017

Miesta konania
Kokkola, Finland

Typ projektu:

Background and theme of the training course

Information and facts about sexuality and the human body are essential for young people and play an important role in the learning process of sexuality. Nonetheless, information is not enough. Questions and issues regarding sexuality and relationships are essentially a question of identity. With this training course we want to extend the subject of sexuality beyond information and widen the perspective of the matter and connect sexuality to identity and discover values and norms in connection to sexuality on a societal, European, national and personal level.

Overall aim

The overall aim of the TC was to increase awareness among youth workers of the inner process and inner compass from a holistic approach (body, mind, heart and your environment) in connection to sexuality and identity, and to develop the capacity in supporting young people to explore this.


– Discover which norms we have in connection to sexuality and identity

-Investigate how society and myself see sexuality and how it influence young people

-Raise awareness of your own identity and your own body in general and resources

-Learn how to express sexuality in words/communication and attitude

-Explore how sexuality is seen in different European cultures

-Share knowledge and experience within the group about methods and tools for sexual education for young people

-Multiply the learning outcomes in local reality and with young people

-Raise awareness of the Erasmus+ programme and start planning for future projects together

Na tréningu boli účastníci z  Talianska Italy, GréckaGreece, Rakúska Austria, Česka Czechia, Rumunska Romania, Belgicka Belgium, Fínska Finland,  Švédsa Sweden, Írska British Indian Ocean Territory, a samozrejme Slovenska Slovakia.