Second Chance

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Dátum konania
31/05/2022 - 30/11/2023

Typ projektu:

Our goal is to educate young people in the field of ecology, we want to show that being ecological is not only fashionable, but also useful and pleasant, young people will become aware of their choices and use the acquired skills in everyday life, sharing them with friends and loved ones. We take up the subject of a global problem to improve the quality of life, save the environment and counteract climate change.

We will expand the group of ecology enthusiasts who care about the environment, e.g. by not wasting food, using used clothes, giving them a second life.
We will strengthen their soft skills, such as: communication, teamwork, creativity, openness and hard skills, e.g. the ability to use and create objects. We encourage youth to implement Eco Life Style.
We will contribute to the development of society and its awareness of making decisions that will affect the future.

Second Chance is an Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in youth project implemented by the coordinator Stowarzyszenie “Kre-Aktywni” (Lodz, Poland) together with the partners ASSOCIATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND IMPROVEMENT EKO-ZHIVOT (Kavadarci, North Macedonia) and ADEL Slovakia (Bratislava, Slovakia).