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How was the touristic-educational weekend about business on Spiš?

We decided to organize something unconventional – i.e. only a weekend event, in Slovakia, in Slovak and for Slovaks on the topic of social entrepreneurship. We chose the village of Spišský Hrušov as the place and combined it with a hike in the Slovak Paradise, a walk to the ruins of the church of the village of Miloj and a barbecue…

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Lenka Čurillová July 25 ,2020

If you haven’t been on project yet and you’re still hesitating

When I was talking to a friend one afternoon, he recommended to me that I should try the Youth Exchange. He said that I will meet great people, see new countries and cultures and we will have a lot of fun and so it happened. When I learned i was chosen for this project I was very excited, it was my first project. Thanks to this project, I had the opportunity to fly an airplane for the first time. I was also a little scared because my English was not good.  

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Lenka Čurillová July 25 ,2020

Beyond your own creativity

I admit that when I first read the HEY – Herritage of European Youth infopack, I was quite considering whether to apply. The exchange took place in a small Portuguese village with 2,500 inhabitants and an average age of 65 years. We were supposed to be accommodated in tents and I also did not have high expectations from the program. In the end, I still decided to apply and I was lucky enough to take part in this, as it turned out, amazing project.

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Lenka Čurillová July 25 ,2020

Volunteers used plastics to build the ship

One month in Greece passed like water thanks to good company and nice weather. I never expected to swim in sea at the end of November. The aim of the whole volunteering was to build an Optimist type sailboat from plastic bottles.

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Lenka Čurillová July 24 ,2020

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Most of our projects are financed by EU, programme Erasmus+, therefore you are able to visit different country almost for free, get know different cultures and improve your English as well.


While participating in project, you will meet people from different corners of the world with whom  you will have a lot of fun and can create new friendships, projects, and maybe even  future families 🙂

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