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Ambasádori volieb do Európskeho parlamentu 2024

Voľby do Európskeho Parlamentu sa konajú v júni 2024. Už dnes prieskumy Eurobarometra hovoria, že iba 26 percent Slovákov má záujem zúčastniť sa volieb do EP 2024. Na Slovensku bola účasť vo voľbách v roku 2014 iba 13,05 % čo bola najnižšia zo všetkých členských krajín. v roku 2019 stúpla účasť na Slovensku na 22,74

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ADEL November 28 ,2023

This is a story about our “Careerification”

Close your eyes and imagine a group of young people coming together from three different parts of the world: Europe, Africa and Asia. And what’s the location all of us met you might ask? The answer is -drum roll please- central Europe and especially Podhájska in Slovakia. We got to meet new friends from all

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ADEL November 26 ,2023

KA1 Sustain 4 Youth

During the beautiful period 28.5.2023 – 2.6.2023 we had the opportunity to participate in a project in Madrid focused on sustainable tourism. And we thought we’d give it a chance! Thanks to ADEL’s cooperation with the Spanish organization “MAD for Europe”, we spent 6 days wandering around the famous Madrid with the intention of finding

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ADEL October 26 ,2023

A week in the Spanish countryside

At the end of June 2023, we went on Erasmus to the Spanish village of Munilla. Everyone from our Slovakian group had a long journey behind them (especially Alex, who decided to go to the “green way” project and thus spent almost 2 days in buses), but right from the first meeting we knew that

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ADEL October 18 ,2023

Interesting facts about us









If you participate in our projects, you can get


Do  you have head full of theoretical knowledge from school? You have a chance to  use that theoretical knowledge in practice, learn more about various topics and and improve your soft-skills.


Most of our projects are financed by EU, programme Erasmus+, therefore you are able to visit different country almost for free, get know different cultures and improve your English as well.


While participating in project, you will meet people from different corners of the world with whom  you will have a lot of fun and can create new friendships, projects, and maybe even  future families 🙂

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