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See4Youth – a training course in Split – report

„Training course in Split? Yes! Let’s have some fun and get some sun! “, this were probably the first things which came to our mind. The training See4Youth had much more to offer, though.

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Lenka Čurillová August 16 ,2018

Lithuania – country of drinkers? (Fotoreport)

10 days before my final exams, I decided to fill my free time on a youth exchange in Lithuania. I only knew about the country that it lies somewhere in the north and people drink there a lot. According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, Lithuania is the first in drinking hard alcohol

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Lenka Čurillová July 28 ,2018

My first and unforgettable exchange

You do not know how it looks until you experience it on your own.I was afraid and nervous,because I was not very talkative/communicative person and I had a phobia of talking in front of many people.But it was useless.Not only that we did not have to talk a lot about the topic,but even it was

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Lenka Čurillová April 14 ,2018

Excellent food, Pyrenean temperament and associated typical music. Welcome to Spain!

In the first half of the 9th month (sorry for a later report), specifically between 6 and 11 September 2017, I had the opportunity to participate on the project “Youth IN-Work”. It was at a high international level. On the project participated as several dozen people from different European countries – Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania,

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Lenka Čurillová February 24 ,2018

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If you participate in our projects, you can get


Do  you have head full of theoretical knowledge from school? You have a chance to  use that theoretical knowledge in practice, learn more about various topics and and improve your soft-skills.


Most of our projects are financed by EU, programme Erasmus+, therefore you are able to visit different country almost for free, get know different cultures and improve your English as well.


While participating in project, you will meet people from different corners of the world with whom  you will have a lot of fun and can create new friendships, projects, and maybe even  future families 🙂

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