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David from Canary Islands in ADEL

David came to our organisation for 6 months thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Who is him and why did he decided for such a project? “I am David, I studied psychology in the small Canary Islands where I was raised and born. Since a child I always wanted to discover what was behind

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Lenka Čurillová July 18 ,2021

Volunteer Projects abroad during Covid19

Volunteer projects are still ongoing nowadays, as its basically the same as moving due a work to another country. How is the whole process going now? If you are interested, keep reading

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Lenka Čurillová January 04 ,2021

Into The Wild

This project started differently than any other project we have ever participated in. What made it different was that fact that we met all of the other participants not in the place of the project but rather at the Lisbon airport, where a private bus was waiting for us and later transported us right to

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Lenka Čurillová November 03 ,2020

The right to have rights

This is the name of our training course, which took place on the last week of the holiday in the German capital, BERLIN.

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Lenka Čurillová September 16 ,2020

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If you participate in our projects, you can get


Do  you have head full of theoretical knowledge from school? You have a chance to  use that theoretical knowledge in practice, learn more about various topics and and improve your soft-skills.


Most of our projects are financed by EU, programme Erasmus+, therefore you are able to visit different country almost for free, get know different cultures and improve your English as well.


While participating in project, you will meet people from different corners of the world with whom  you will have a lot of fun and can create new friendships, projects, and maybe even  future families 🙂

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