Active Citizenship in the Digital Era

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Date(s) - 15/07/2017 - 21/07/2017
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Wuppertal, Germany

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Summary what was training course about:

It is more than evident that nowadays, we are ushering an era of democratic disconnection. Accordingly, there is a widespread concern by EU about the declining engagement of civic life; citizens are less inclined to vote, to join political parties, to campaign for social causes, and finally to trust political processes. Young people in particular, are frequently described as alienated or apathetic. Hence, the questions have been raised owing to the declining of civic life are multiple and complex. Do the organizations of civil society motivate in a proper way the young people in order to transform them to active citizens? Do they actually use the right tools which correspond to the real and realistic conditions of the ordinary democratic systems?

Having in mind the problems and the real situation, this training focused on providing answers to the above questions, mainly by forming an action plan whereby each of the organizations involved, eventually be capable to activate all its members in the processes concerning democratic institutions in all possible means.

Whilst inevitably the Internet provides the ability to participate in society Online and promotes social inclusion, a special emphasis will be given to the new media society and particularly the Web, as a means of revitalizing civic life and democracy. Believing that just as the education has promoted democracy and economic growth, the Internet has the potential to benefit society as a whole, one of the main ramifications of the project will be based upon the active citizenship in the digital era. The working method were based upon non-formal education.

Particular objectives of TC were:

  • To equip youth leaders and youth workers with necessary skills and competencies in order to address the democratic disconnect of young people
  • To identify those digital mediums that motivates young people to actively participate online
  • To share effective Online tools that the participating organizations are currently being using with the intention to engage young people in democratic processes.
  • To develop communication techniques interwoven with the social media society that inspires young people to be active citizens.

There were participants from Germany Germany, Cyprus Cyprus, Bulgaria  Bulgaria, Romania Romania, Macedonia North Macedonia, Poland Poland, Lithuania Lithuania,  Italy Italy, Spain Spain, Estonia Estonia, Croatia Croatia and Slovakia Slovakia

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