Celebrating Traditional Crafts

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Date(s) - 08/04/2024 - 14/04/2024

Lendak, Slovakia

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“Celebrating Traditional Crafts,” is project that stands out for its unique approach to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of traditional crafts. Unlike traditional cultural events, our project offers a hands-on experience. Participants will have the opportunity to work alongside skilled artisans, weavers, farmers, seamstresses, and shoemakers, witnessing the craft in action. Our project transcends a passive encounter with traditional crafts. It fosters a deep cultural exchange between urban and rural communities.

As participants engage with the villagers and learn the craft, they will also have the chance to share their own perspectives and experiences, creating a mutual learning opportunity. One of the highlights of our project is the creation of a video by participants. Participants will not only try their hand at traditional crafts but also record it and record a traditional song – piece of our cultural heritage, ensuring that it is preserved for future generations and it brings together the artistic and the practical, merging the past with the present. Through this initiative, we aim to empower the local communities of Lendak.

Youth exchange is for everybody who are interested in the topic, want to travel, learn and meet new people and cultures from the age of 16 – 19. Leaders can be older than that.

Participants were from Poland Poland and Slovakia Slovakia. 9 participants from each country. 

Accommodation HERE , food and travel costs were provided thanks to Visegrad Fund during the whole project. 

Project is financed by Visegrad Fund