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Date(s) - 30/04/2018 - 08/05/2018

Barcelona, Spain

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For the first 5 nights we stayed in tents, surrounded by nature, in Boodaville, a few kilometers away from Caseres and Calaceite. For the last 2 nights we stayed in dorm rooms in a community project in Barcelona. The project goal was to complete workshops on the fundamentals of permaculture and integrated design, see how to apply this to our own lifes,
to community projects and to experiment with a range of teaching methods to transmit permaculture ideas to young people. There was time for learning and sharing experiences and knowledge, introduce our countries and learn about other cultures.


A 7 day course with 5 days at Boodaville rural permaculture education project in the Matarranya region of Spain and 2 days in Barcelona city. The aim of the course was to explore the use of permaculture ethics and principles to design sustainable, even regenerative ways of living which can be integrated into your own life and your work with young people.

The first week focusesdon the use of resources such as water and soil with practical activities, techniques to encourage learner engagement and participation, and a design project. The last 2 days In Barcelona city focused on sustainable urban living and as well as visits to city gardens and radical community centres, participants discovered alternative education projects. The course covered some of the content of the Permaculture Design Certificate.

Video from project is here:

Participants were from Spain Spain, Slovenia Slovenia, France France, Czech Republic Czechia, Lithuania Lithuania, Ukraine United States of America, Turkey Turkey, Hungary Hungary, Slovakia Slovakia, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Greece Greece, Estonia Estonia, Macedonia North Macedonia, Romania Romania and Italy Italy.


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