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Date(s) - 01/08/2020 - 27/09/2020


Project type

Selected participants

Martina spent summer in Greece on a volunteering project in the organisation “United Societies of Balkans”, where she organized various events and educational activities.

Summary what was the project about:

EduACT organizes workshops for kids to participate actively and design a robotics program based on their own needs. By doing so we are giving another approach of the educational process and an opportunity for the participants to use their knowledge in a practical way. One of the main priorities of EduACT is to provide equal opportunities for learning to any individual. We give the chance to refugees, children from minorities and children with disruptive behavior, young inmates and young people who are facing social exclusion to participate in innovative educational programs. In May 2020 Edu Act will also be responsible for the organisation of the World Lego Championship in Thessaloniki. It will be a significant event for the organisation but also for the city, since teams of children are going to come from many countries. The short term volunteers will support the organisation in the implementation of the event.