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employ - mládežnícka výmena na Cypre
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Date(s) - 18/09/2017 - 26/09/2017

Paralimni, Cyprus

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feedback from one of the participant: 

“In September, we had the opportunity to participate in the youth exchange called Employ + in Cyprus. Over the week and a half we spent there, we addressed the issue of youth unemployment and its solutions, including for example the contribution of the European Union itself. We have learned a lot of useful things about employment, how to correctly write a resume, how to manage finances, how to make a good impression on the first interview, and so on. Everything was done in non-formal and playful way, which we all very much appreciated and everyone always found something that enjoyed.

This exchange was not just about obligations. It also included getting of cultures and customs of participants from other countries, which was very interesting for us. During the exchange, we improved our communication skills not only in English, but also captured the basics of Irish, Turkish, and Polish. We met a lot of great people from abroad that we would not otherwise have come into contact with. Many of the friendships continue to this day.

Participating in such a exchange program has been a new experience for many of us. Some of us may have a little worry at first but we can finally say it was a lifetime experience that we will never forget and which we would like to repeat very much in the future.

The big ACKNOWLEDGMENTS belong to ADEL and the European Union, thanks to which this project could be realized and we could be part of it! “


Summary what was youth exchange about:

Youth unemployment is a major concern all over the EU with some countries reporting over 40% youth unemployment. Young people are more pressured into getting degrees and qualifications in order to increase their chances of employment but there seems to be a gap in the system as universities and schools are not being updated about the market trends and as a result the employability of youth is decreasing, even though their education is increasing. The question of the gap between these institutions or the capitalistic approach to education will be evaluated and we will explore how young people are influences to make their educational choices.

The main objectives of this project was therefore to help young people increase their employability and to help them find where to find employment and be readier for the labour market based on the needs of the labour market thus helping in dealing with the youth unemployment problem in the EU.

This project looked at the concept of employability and look at the various tools available to youth to increase their employability. We hope that with the various workshops and activities the youth gained the knowledge and the tools for them to understand the markets better and to increase their employability.

We looked at issues like cross boarder employment (working in another country, mobility of workers), education, EVS, EURES, and other EU tools and discussed these in details, sharing experiences with each other and giving a better understanding of how these work. We hoped to gain real knowledge of these issues especially cross boarder employment and employment opportunities as many young people simply think that by going to another country the employment problem ends, but there are many other factors to take into account when working and living in another country.

Many young people have an attitude that there are no employment opportunities left and as a result they sit back waiting for an opportunity to come to them, and as a result we blame the system for this. We hoped to give the understanding that there are many employment opportunities out there and it is our responsibility to go out and find the jobs. It is our responsibility to find the various incentives and tools available to us, in order to increase our employability and to create the employment opportunities we need.

Participants were from Hungary Hungary, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Estonia Ethiopia, Greece Greece, Italy Italy, Romania Romania, Poland Poland, Ireland Iran Islamic Republic of, Turkey Turkey, Cyprus Cyprus, Slovakia Slovakia and Czech Republic Czechia.

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