Erasmus+ Talks

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Date(s) - 17/04/2022 - 23/04/2022

Iscar, Spain

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We developed a TC, within the framework and financed by the ERASMUS + program, it was developed in a population of the province of Valladolid, it had the participation of 18 youth workers from countries such as: Spain, The Netherlands, Latvia , Greece, Romania, Italy, Slovakia and Estonia from 17th to 23rd April 2022, where they were participating actively and collaboratively in the development of all activities, to meet the objectives of the project and the needs of both the participants and the partner entities.

The Erasmus+ Talks project aimed to guide participants in a formative process in which they will know themselves, their fears of speaking in public, which provokes fear and how to overcome it. During the project they improved their communication skills, through oratory workshops, storytelling, stage appearance and learn how to use digital tools to create impactful presentations. 

In addition, constant practice and training are key to improving your presentations. In the process of organizing events, participants learned the following: self-knowledge, dealing with egos and knowing how to negotiate, making constructive criticisms, knowing how to delegate, mastering frustration and having good stress management.

Participants were from the Netherlands Netherlands, Spain Spain, Greece Greece, Romania Romania, Latvia  Latvia, Estonia Estonia, Italy Italy and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 2 participants from each country.