Factory of Success: Start-UP You(th) Life

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Date(s) - 08/09/2021 - 14/09/2021
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Samobor, Chorvátsko

Project type

Selected participants

This project revolved around the idea of making entrepreneurship more accessible to the youth.With this project we wanted to inspire youth all over the world to take action and engage in entrepreneurship, to acquire non-formal skills needed for doing that and to turn their dreams and ideas into reality –to start up their youth life. Through this project participants gained both information and acquire basic non-formal skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship and how to personally tackle the above mentioned issues.

Specific project objectives were:

-developing basic skills and knowledge of the steps needed to create a business for 30 young participants from 5 countries,
-developing knowledge and skills of 30 participants needed for entering into labour market and entrepreneurship through writing resumea, writing cover letters, presenting themselves to others, creating theirown startup business plans and teamworking,
-to change the youths attitude towards entrepreneurship and inspire them to actively engage and experience entrepreneurshipprocess as something fun and acomplishing,
-to develop intercultural and language competences of 30 participants, especially possibility to share experiences, learn from each other’s and to offer them the possibility of working in teams to achievea common goal and build mutual tolerance,
-to increase the participants knowledge about the possibillities Erasmus+ programme offers to young people.

Participants were from Croatia Croatia, Italy Italy, Romania Romania, Turkey Turkey and Slovakia Slovakia. 6 participants from each country.