Guardian of nature

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Date(s) - 07/08/2020 - 01/09/2020

Perušić, Croatia

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Official project description 

Beside climate changes, disapeering of biological diversity is one of the main problem in todays world. Project was concetrated on biological diversity and overall nature protection especially on cave protection and restoration. The long-term goal of the project was to acquire competences and promote volunteer work for the community well-being in the area of environmental and nature protection and to establish better cooperation between active participants in society.

The project’s short-term goals were:
1. To enable volunteers to acquire new skills (communicational, organizational and administrative) and knowledge by learning through teamwork and the development of social and ecological awareness;
2. Improve the quality of work of Public Institution by integrating new working methods into everyday activities,
creating a modern and dynamic working environment and developing European co-operation;
3.Contribute to the development of nonprofit projects and active participation, and connect people through group activities for the benefit of the local community. We want to gather the volunteers from different countries and individuals from the local
community on group activities, where we will deal with identifying natural resources, educating them and raising the level
of ecological and social awareness. 

We used the informal learning tools and volunteer action. This project aim was to promote solidarity through socially beneficial activities in the local community that improves the quality of life and the level of social capitthrough the promotion of active citizenship by utilizing the potential of the community and contributes to positive changes
aimed at strengthening solidarity and protecting the environment / biodiversity.