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Date(s) - 23/06/2023 - 29/06/2023

La Rioja, Spain

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Climate Justice is a complex movement, which has been re-shaped at different levels. From ideal theory to pragmatic policies of NGOs and to different grassroots movements all around the world. The origin of Climate Justice could be traced back to the merge of civil rights and environmental movements.

Climate Justice is an interesting topic because it acknowledges that “caring about the environment” is “caring about society and people”. It is the bridge between environmental, climate and social justice for the most vulnerable. Concretely, one of its main objectives is community participation and acting in the face of uncertainty, which are core values of Gantalcalá and the learning objectives that we usually try to achieve. We understand that active citizens should have the capacity of going out of their comfort zone, even if the result is uncertain and, they should be willing to be part of a community to promote change.

The YOUTH EXCHANGE will take place in the village of Munilla, in La Rioja (Spain), and then is when the participants´ role will be at the core of each activity. Concretely, we have planned different actions that will be done in a collaborative way. The participants will gain technical and practical tools (online resources, non-formal methods, reflection techniques, introspection exercises, etc.). This learning process will be summed-up in a didactic book, whose design will be prepared in advanced by Gantalcalá, and which will be filled in throughout the entire youth exchange by participants themselves with the help of group leaders and facilitator.

Participants were from Spain Spain, Greece Greece, France France, Portugal Portugal, Sweden Sweden and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 5 participants from each country.