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Date(s) - 27/03/2023 - 04/04/2023

Murska Sobota, Slovenia

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We have noted that young people are spending more and more time on smart devices and less time for active lifestyle. Especially during the corona crisis, when we were locked in our apartments, we noted that exercising is very important. We want young people to recognise the importance of exercise, therefore we want to bring them closer to different kinds of movement, which is a part of our project. We want young people to be more active, not only physically but also mentally. We don’t want them to stop at one point but to continuously move forward. We want to introduce young people to a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, a healthy diet, self-care and mental health. In addition to the main theme of the project, we want to encourage young people to develop social skills, learn foreign languages, network, accept diversity and broaden their horizons.
With the project we want to give young people a new experience, we want to encourage them to actively participate in similar projects, create new networks, provide an opportunity to young people with fewer opportunities and disperse their knowledge forward. At the same time, we want to strengthen contacts with partner organisations for future collaborations on an international level.

Our project objectives are:
– get to know the terms exercise (movement), healthy lifestyle, self-care
– raise awareness among young people of the importance of movement
– development of personality competencies in young people
– promoting movement in young people
– promoting a healthy lifestyle
– display of self-supply
– promoting social interaction
– promoting an active lifestyle.

Participants were from Slovenia Slovenia, Romania Romania, Lithuania Lithuania, Poland Poland and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 7 participants from each country.