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Európska dobrovoľnícka služba Learn and Change with EVS v Mostar, Bosna a Hercegovina
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Date(s) - 11/10/2015 - 11/08/2016
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Mostar, Bosna a Hercegovina

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Selected participants

2 volunteers – Sisa Valková a Martin Frič spent 10 months in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar, between 11 October 2015 and 11 August 2016.

Here’s their feedback:

“My name is Silvia, I’m 24 years old. The reasons why I decided to try EVS were very diverse. First of all, I was motivated by the fact that I finished university and was traveling in the US where I wanted to enjoy the last “student” vacation. My plan was to get energy there for the upcoming period and find myself a bit. Another factor was certainly the cruel reality of a college graduates, since I certainly did not want to belong to the statistics among unemployed. Call to become EVS volunteer catched my attentioned immediately. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar), job description looked interesting, 10 months.

I have to admit that I had almost no knowledge about EVS. I started searching for information only after sending my “application” for this project. But what I knew that it might be great opportunity to stay abroad, learn something new, meet interesting people, learn new language, get know another culture and much more. Definitely, my EVS was in line with the expectations. I had the opportunity to cooperate and actively help during various events. I was regularly exposed not only to new work, but also to human challenges that moved me forward.

Thanks to volunteering I worked and also met interesting and inspiring people who are trying to change something and are not afraid to follow their dreams. I recommend EVS to everyone who wants to experience something new and are not afraid of challenges. Because I have to admit that it takes a bit of courage. To pack up and go to a completely foreign country for 10 months, work with foreign and different people, try to fulfill your needs and above all the needs of others. I would definitely participate in EVS again.”


“EDS gave me a lot. I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of new people, another culture , learn new things, to develop my ideas and to work in new environment. I decided spontaneously as I didn’t know what to do and I wanted to help the community and the people. I will never regret this idea. ”


Thanks NGO Youth Power for hosting them andArmin Čerkez, Nedim Mičijević, Mia Bolek’ Sose and all others for your help, support and making their stay as comfortable as possible!