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Date(s) - 02/11/2022 - 08/11/2022

Iscar, Spain

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The possible situations of disadvantage are infinite and can deprive the person of participating in society  in one or more of the following areas: economic-labour (in production or consumption), citizenship-legal- political (political participation, administrative system, social protection, etc.) and social-relational- family- community (absence of networks or problems within social or family networks).

Disadvantages can refer to: lack of work, the sudden need to take care of a dependent family member, discrimination, a family breakup, health problems, lack of training, geographical location, relational isolation, etc.

In certain circumstances, these disadvantages reinforce each other and constitute a vicious circle that, with different degrees of intensity, gives rise to the progressive deterioration of the personal, social and economic situation, preventing the person from feeling an active part of the community and making it is difficult to access both personal development mechanisms and social protection systems.

It is for all of the above that the project consortium, through its partner entities and social agents, has found it necessary to address the issue of inclusion from a transversal, egalitarian and plural perspective to all the areas that affect it, given that being realistic the youth workers and social agents of our entities “are lacking in resources” when it comes to developing clearly defined inclusive strategies, processes and measures in some areas of inclusion with less social ban; such as educational barriers, digital barriers geographical, psychological, etc.

In addition, the development of this TC is reinforced and necessary as we have seen and verified as in the last 2 periods of the European mobility programs of a social nature and fund, the European Commission has fully committed to promoting inclusion and rapprochement of this type of programs and experiences derived from future opportunities in the labor, social, personal and affective spheres for people with a clear lack of economic, social, cultural, educational, geographical opportunities, disability or special needs and of course for migrants.

With this training course we intended to provide the youth workers of the partner entities with the tools, resources, techniques and dynamics necessary to facilitate that their young people acquire and train the ability to use the critical thinking necessary in decision-making.

Our aims were:

– To Improve the commitment to inclusion and diversity of different social agents of our entities and for the benefit of our young people.
– To Reduce the obstacles faced by young people with fewer opportunities when participating in the program and help applicants to overcome the obstacles
– To Improve the skills, abilities and inclusive aptitudes of youth workers and social agents of the entities.

Participants were from Spain Spain, Netherlands Netherlands Greece Greece, Romania Romania, Estonia Estonia, Latvia Latvia and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 2 participants from each country.