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Date(s) - 16/06/2020 - 19/06/2020
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Florence, Italy

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The territorial analysis of European cities shows that the existence of sites in a state of neglect and degradation is actually quite common throughout the continent. These sites are identified in industrial areas, residential areas, areas to be allocated to urban green areas.
At a time of European history where the economic crisis and social exclusion are in many countries marginalized part of the young population (migrants, poor, disadvantaged, women) plans to re-evaluate urban areas, green spaces, see the involvement of local youth in this process, their participation in the creation of places of aggregation in fact allows social cohesion.
Given this scenario, in 2017 the ICSE & Co association realized the Florence Urban Jungle and MulticulturalArt projects, from which emerged from the various participating organizations the need to understand how to carry out aggregated and participated events, for young people and citizens, that would re-evaluate green spaces and suburbs through culture and art and how to link these activities to the promotion of volunteering.
The project aims to promote social cohesion and commitment in a community of activities by proposing simple and replicable activities in their own contexts for the realization of cultural events and part outdoor socialization.
For this reason we intend to create a shoot in Florence from 4 to 11 June 2018 involving 20 young people from Italy, Spain, Romania and Slovakia, aged 23-26 years. During the last year I will participate in the organization and realization of the festival “Icchè ci Va ci Vuole” ( organized in Florence in the month of June.
The Festival takes place in three days in the park of Villa Favard, and exhibits performances of art, music, theater, dance, laboratory and workshops free and open to all. The goal is to channel the energies of the territory in order to obtain the benefits for the community of reference, to create a network of contacts and shared and structured skills. In particular, the festival is organized by cultural and artistic associations composed for the most part by young people who self-produce the event, managed largely by volunteers (16-35 years). The quality and the proposal has been realized in the Florentine suburbs more than 5000 people in 2017.

The project will achieve 4 main objectives:
– stimulate young people to participate actively in public life with an active travel and sharing policy. We want to support a forma mentis that does not stop at an analysis of the problem, but we think possible solutions and there are real changes in the first person and materially.
– promote local and European volunteering
– promote multiculturalism and social inclusion. We want to stimulate a broader idea regarding cultural and religious differences are an enrichment and not an obstacle Moreover, these differences are overcome if we work together for the common good
– still continues to life outdoors and replicable in local contexts. You want to create a feeling of greater attention towards your city and the unused spaces of the same rediscovering the utility with the common intent
In the local context the relevance of the project is given by the diffusion of the Erasmus + program, still little known among young Florentines who participate mainly in an academic career, and among the more than 30
Furthermore, the project will be a European volunteering project that will involve the festival and the participating organizations.