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Date(s) - 17/04/2022 - 25/04/2022

Iscar, Spain

Project type

Selected participants

Bullying is defined as any form of psychological, verbal or physical abuse produced between school children repeatedly over a certain period of time. When social networks are used as a means of aggression, the phenomenon is called Cyberbullying. One of the most frequent manifestations of this phenomenon is the publication of photographs that can often cause real disturbances to their protagonists, who are usually tagged so that their contacts see the images. It is also very common to create pages or groups intended to attack, mock or denounce some intimate aspect of the “victim”

Cyberbullying is relevant due to the seriousness of its consequences: deterioration in their self -esteem, and suffering effects on their personality, such as a greater tendency to introversion, anguish, depression, loss of interest in learning, social failure, addictions, psychotic episodes and thoughts or suicide attempts), in the most dramatic cases, the difficulty of prevention and the high degree of prevalence.

Main objectives of the proposal were:
– To sensitize the young participants and partner entities of this reality, making known the damage that can be caused to the victims.
– To value cultural differences in a context of exchange of experiences to help the personal development of the young participants.
– To involve young people and entities to reflect on strategies of integration and attitude to the current problems that arise.

Participants were from Spain Spain, Slovenia Sierra Leone, Turkey Turkey, Lithuania Lithuania, Italy Italy, North Macedonia North Macedonia and Slovakia en.