The Labor Prosthesıs

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Date(s) - 12/05/2021 - 20/05/2021

La Vecilla, Spain

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Summary what was youth exchange about:

Currently we are facing a very serious problem, according to data from the European Union, Spain presented in 2019 a 32.2% youth unemployment rate, a figure that doubles the European average of 14.4%. As if these data were not alarming enough, experts predict a drastic worsening after the global pandemic of COVID-19.

On the one hand, we find thousands of new graduates every year, and on the other hand, young people who find themselves in situations that make it difficult for them to access or stay in an educational or job training. Due to different causes of the labor market (scarce supply of specific jobs, requirement of extensive previous experience, high ratio of applicants for offered jobs, etc.), these young people cannot occupy a job according to their training. And in the case of jobs different from their areas, the main barriers are the lack of specialization, the temporality or the terrible working conditions that companies offer. Therefore, 32.2% of these young people find themselves in the situation of emigrating to other countries or continuing to look for a job, obtaining a negative result.

That is why, through the “THE LABOR PROSTHESIS” project, we want to promote youth employability, focusing on new market niches in the disability sector. We will pay special attention to the areas of physical exercise,
sports and health, and to the implementation of emerging technologies, for their application to the labor

Objectives of the project:

– Boost youth entrepreneurship
– Promote the equality of people with disabilities
– Promote adapted sports

Participants were from Portugal Portugal, Czech Republic Czechia, Spain Spain, Italy Italy and Slovakia Slovakia. 4 participants from each country.