Volontiram za sport vol. 2

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Date(s) - 15/02/2021 - 15/02/2022

Zagreb, Croatia

Project type

Selected participants

Lenka spent 1 year in the organisation Softball Club Princ Zagreb. Article from her about this experience is available here: https://www.adelslovakia.org/pribehy-ucastnikov/moj-prvy-tyzden-v-zahrebe


The objective of the project was to promote solidarity through sports and the activities of volunteers involved in the project. Through the project, the involvement of all young people in sports is important, regardless they have opportunities, or fewer opportunities. Through the project, we also equip volunteers with new skills that will serve them in later everyday life. Some of these skills are: awareness of the topic of health through physical activities in young people and adolescents and the benefits of sports for general health, basic skills in executing certain tasks in the field of administrative and marketing tasks.

Volunteers influenced our athletes and the entire local community through diverse activities such as: involving young people with fewer opportunities, activating children in and out of school to physical activity, various workshops, camps and trainings. Through the project, we enabled volunteers, but also our young people to take part in solidarity activities by which we achieve positive social change.

Activities that volunteers implemented: sport in schools, Intercultural workshops, marketing and dissemination activities, preparation of international tournaments and many more