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What drives you(th) crazy?
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Date(s) - 27/10/2018 - 03/11/2018
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Brežice, Slovenia

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Summary what was youth exchange about:

Mental health in young people is an important factor of being able to cope with challenges and changes through their later adult life. That is why quick responses to the environment are crucial. This can lead to the life of stress and anxiety, which can be resolved in a healthy or unhealthy way. More and more young people are used to resolving psychological challenges through different activities that can result in some type of addiction (chemical: alcohol, tobacco; psychological: dependency on digital media). Youth organizations are a place where involved young people spend a lot of their time. From our experience, most of those organizations do not address their members’ mental health in any way.

There are many different types of activities, which youth organizations can use to maintain strong mental health of their members and show them how to implement these activities in their everyday life. With this international exchange, we want to share our experiences and help partner youth organizations to find the best way, how they can make implement good practice in maintaining high levels of good mental health during working with young people and affect their members’ lifestyles in a good way.


– finding the state of mental health in different countries through international dialogue,
– finding out why is mental health important for young people through interactive workshops
– to raise awareness among participants how they can address their mental health and help them implementing it in their lifestyle,
– to define the guidelines that participants can share among the young people in their local community

The program was set in a way that both people without knowledge and people with previous experience were able to cooperate. We got to know the theme of mental health in connection to young people better, participants were also invited to share their knowledge and opinion. Further we also discussed what is the state in our countries and organisations and with all that combined knowledge we shaped guidelines that will contribute to better mental health of individuals in youth organisations and in general. We also had time to discuss what needs to be done on a higher level, we hosted a round table with relevant stakeholders. We used various methods of youth work, and of course also had some fun informal program so the participants also had an opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoy themselves.

Participants of the youth exchange were from Estonia Estonia, Czech Republic Czechia, Portugals Portugal, Turkey Turkey, Hungary Hungary, Spain Spain, Poland Poland, Slovenia Slovenia and Slovakia Slovakia.

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