Youth Hiking in Digital Age Romania

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Date(s) - 24/08/2021 - 28/08/2021

Valea Boroș, Romania

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Selected participants

During the youth exchange, we organized hikes and workshops on technologies that encouraged more young people to venture into outdoor explorations – aerial photography, digital mapping and filmmaking. The workshops were combined with field explorations of some mountain ranges in the Carpathian Arc and Romania. Hiking, especially in the environments of natural beauty and cultural significance, was a valuable form of free time activity, raising curiosity of the world, offering new encounters and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

During the youth exchange, participants had an opportunity to:
– get new opportunities for exploratory outdoor learning and activities,

– raise digital skills thanks to the creation of digital maps, taking aerial photos and filmmaking,
– raise artistic skills in the process of photo and video documentation of the mountain trips,
– raise communication skills in English,
– get knowledge about natural and cultural heritage of Slovak Carpathians,

– raise intercultural competencies and knowledge about other countries,
– get network of contacts and friends sharing the same interests,