Youth Policy Seminar – Krakow

Youth policy seminar
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Date(s) - 05/01/2019 - 11/01/2019
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Krakow, Poland

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What is Youth Policy Seminar?
Youth Policy Seminar is a meeting for national Network coordinators and experienced youth leaders during which we will evaluate last year of activities, create a plan for 2019 and set new directions for City Bound activities. The Seminar will consist of two parts: during the first part we will analyze latest developments of youth policy in Europe as well as discuss needs of young people in our countries, while in the second part we will evaluate last activities of the Network and develop an action plan for 2019.

Content of the seminar:
– latest developments of European Youth Policy and Structured Dialogue
– setting thematic priorities for the Network for 2019
– evaluating Network’s activities of 2018
– Developing an action plan for 2019

City Bound Europe Network gathers youth organizations from from all over Europe connected by the common aim of building integrated European society. To achieve it, we organize City Bound youth exchanges for young people in age 14-17 in different cities significant for European identity. Our work based on non-formal education methodology with a special focus on adventure-based learning.

Aims of the Network:
• To build confidence in the idea of “United Europe” among young people and help them to understand the concept of Europe based on tolerance, inclusion and understanding and preventing radicalization of young people, by creating an opportunity for building opinions based on personal experience and face to face contact.
• To provide a space for personal growth of young people from all over Europe and support them in the transition from childhood to adulthood by developing their social and civic competences
and preparing them to live in intercultural society.
• To rise creativity of participants and support them to discover their full potential by providing innovative non-formal education opportunities especially focused on adventure-based learning methodology.

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