Youth workers across complexity

Youth workers across complexity
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Date(s) - 20/08/2018 - 26/08/2018
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Granara, Italy

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feedback from one of the participant: 

“This TC was a unique experience of an absolutely unusual and different methodology used by trainers. I am so happy I was part of it! It gave me huge amounts of food for thought. And it also encouraged me to question my own frames and limitations regarding youthwork and cooperation within the intercultural group. 
First of all, this project opened to me the new approach to the learning process. The main goal was to educate each other and to explore one’s inner capabilities simultaneously. we discussed serious topics of the role of an educator, his powers and relation to power, how can youth worker influence others and what problems can arise from the abuse or misuse of this power. Closely connected was the theme of group work and communication within the group, the position of the leader and its benefits. This opened a new topic of a conflict and we discussed several types of behaviour in such situations. Nonviolence was explicitly highlighted and demonstrated.
Interesting moment, we actually had an example of a conflict of one participant with the trainers and the group as a whole and were able to notice and discuss the reasons for and consequences of this situation. 
I find this TC as a perfect learning tool and extremely useful for me personally, for I was able to learn a lot about my own and other people’s behaviour as well as enjoy communication with amazing people! 
But not only the main aims of the project were fulfilled for me, but also living those 5 days in an ecovillage Granara stimulated me to change my habits and make more eco-friendly choices. 
To sum up, this event was a combination of two deep topics – youth work and ecology.
I am very grateful to the teams of A.D.E.L. and Alekoslab for this opportunity!”


Description what was training about:

Working with the youngsters has always meant to work hard for the construction of the future. In front of phenomenons that strongly characterize our era, such as climate changes, economical crisis, migrant fluxes that keep growing, as well as in front of an escalation of violence, of a politic always more distant from citizen’s needs… Which kind of scenarios do we have in front of us nowadays?

Working today with the youngsters means to face challenges that does not only regard the anxiety and the uncertainty due to their phase in life cycle, but means also to face challenges linked to socially caused disadvantages in an historical moment in which the malaise becomes mistrust and impotence, as also becomes disintegration, intolerance and violence.

Which kind of contribution may the youth workers, involved in non formal education contexts, give to the construction of new meaningful horizons and to the construction of new social citizenship models, both inspired to nonviolence values?

Which courses of action could be appropriate to create contexts that promote a growth autonomous and respectful of differences in an intercultural world? Urgency force us to choose simplified solutions, often merely to contain and answer to emergency, but that don’t consider the quality of contexts we are living in, so that these solutions only put a patch and postpone problems. How can the theory of complexity help us to develop coherent visions and practices, appropriate to world fast changes? Which kind of learnings are suitable for live in more and more heterogeneous contexts? During the seminar we will explore, through games and non formal education activities, these questions guided from/following a systemic and ecological approach, non-violence orientated.

GOALS of the trainig were following:

  • to create a context of knowledge, exchange, reflection among youth leaders and workers operating in different local contexts on ideas, practices and issues related to their profession and to their social role;
  • to create a space for experiment and share educational practices to increase youth workers expertise, so that they can be able to intervene in a conscious and flexible way in their non formal education contexts;
  • to train to a non-violent culture and to active citizenship;
  • to deepen ideas and intervention ways in intercultural contexts;
  • to open to an interpretative view of reality that consider and respect its complexity.

Participants were from Italy Italy, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Greece Greece, Romania Romania, Lithuania  Lithuania and Slovakia Slovakia. Z každej krajiny bolo po 3 účastníkov.


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