European Voluntary Service – a great alternative especially for graduates

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European Voluntary Service – a great alternative especially for graduates

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Have you heard about European Voluntary Service? Not yet??? If one week on the youth exchange or training is not enough for your, we offer you also European Voluntary Service, which lasts 1-12 months and is an excellent opportunity for young people to gain new experience and knowledge, improve English, learn the language of the host country, to get to know a new country and its culture, make new friends, and besides that also make some positive changes in local community!

What? Where? For who? How much?

You can become a volunteer in one of these organizations that are accredited by the European Union as a “host” – You can volunteer in all countries across Europe, but exceptionally also beyond.

Activities and the role that volunteer carries out are different – from the implementation and organization of cultural, sport and outdoor events, activities to protect the environment, take care of children, pets, or people with disabilities, teach language or a variety of activities related with the media, marketing or graphics. Each project is different and depends on the orientation, activities of the host organization and the profile of the volunteer.

European Voluntary Service is open to young people aged between 17-30 years and with no special requirements. Only basic knowledge of English is required and to be motivated to get new experience, improve yourself and local community as well. There is no participation fee. Besides that, EU grant cover for volunteer accommodation, food, pocket money, insurance, language courses and travel allowance depends on the distance, but usually cover the entire travel costs.

To better understand what exactly is EVS you can watch some videos and hear some real stories from various EVS volunteers:

Does it sound interesting for you? Would you like to go for EVS, but do not know how?

First of all, you need to find a host organization that would be willing to accept you… but how to find it? There are several options. One of them is to reach host organizations whose description and contact information can be found in the database and you can just send some of them email with your CV and motivation letter. However, the fact that organizations are accredited as host does not mean that they are currently looking for or need volunteers, so do not be disappointed if you dont get any answer of feedback. Another option is to track different facebook groups, for example: Vacancy EVS, EVS (European Voluntary Service), Exchanges Network or website – where host organizations tend to add open calls. Some already approved and financed projects are published on our website here: but we also created facebook group called “Európska dobrovoľnícka služba – aktuálne ponuky” where we regularly share various open calls from hosting organizations.

EVS process is a triangle where are involved: 1. potential volunteer, 2. the host organization  and 3. the sending organization which is ADEL. We’ll help you go through whole process, find suitable host organization, write project, apply for grant and although the process seems to be complicated, is worth of the result 🙂

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need some advice by email

Current offers

Current offers for potential Slovak volunteers, especially those already approved disseminated in the Facebook group “Európska dobrovoľnícka služba – aktuálne ponuky” link here:

Other offers from organizations that are looking for volunteers from different countries are published also here: section Vacancy / EVS volunteer

or here:

but also on the Facebook page –

Important dates

If none of the current offers is interesting for you, but you found your own organization and would you like to go for EVS between May 1, 2017 – August 31, 2017, we can write and submit grant application through Erasmus+ program. Next deadline is 4 February 2017

Frequently Asked questions

We will update this section, so please contact us to ask

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