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If you are over 18, have some previous work or volunteer experience and would like to deepen your knowledge of a certain topic and share your experience with others, trainings are for you!

Training topics are various, for example: project management, marketing, new methods of education, business development and many others.

If e.g. the topic of the training is education, training is intended primarily for youth leaders and youth workers – those who work either full-time or as volunteers in youth organizations, or in other way work with children or young people (as animators in camps, teachers in primary, secondary, language schools, as doctoral students, etc.). ). Thus, its expected, that participants have already some knowledge about the topic and would like to deepen knowledge through training or share their knowledge and experience with people with a similar profile.

If the topics are e.g. business development or project management, the training can be attended by those who are interested in starting a business or otherwise want to use the acquired knowledge in their work.

There is no upper age limit – what means that the training can theoretically be attended even by someone who is 80 🙂

With each training offer we publish, there is also an information published for whom it is primarily intended and who can apply. At least a basic knowledge of English is required, as the entire program is conducted in English. Each training includes participants from different countries and usually lasts 7-10 days.

Such trainings connect people from all over the world, with different experiences and life stories with an interest in learning more about a the certain topic what provides a unique intercultural learning experience that cannot be compared to traditional travel or formal education in schools.

Current offers are regularly updated and can be found here:

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