New member of our Team

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New member of our Team


Have you ever heard about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs? We are looking forward, because through this program we will be hosting Sinan from Turkey for 6 months and he will help us to implement our activities. More about him and program below:

Hello everyone…

My name is Sinan, I am from Turkey. I am 26 and I graduated from university in 2016. My department was in Tourism guidance. After university, I met with Erasmus+ opportunities. First time I got opportunity to go abroad with Erasmus+ programmes. Then I realized that Erasmus+ programmes changed my life totally and I want to be more in this field. So I found a new opportunity.

I came to Slovakia with “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme”. This programme will take 6 months. During these 6 months I will work in ADEL. In this programme ADEL is my Host Entrepreneur. For now, this is all the information about this programme. Don’t worry next blog I will give more information about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. Also, I am planning to share my experiences with the programme and exploring Slovakia, So you will meet with my other blogs too.

And I would like to especially thank the ADEL and Lenka Curillova to giving me this opportunity. Also for their really warm welcome.

Sinan Biçer

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