What do you like about ADEL?

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What do you like about ADEL?


We have recently published opportunity to fill in anonymous questionnaire about ADEL in which we asked several questions related to our activities in order to know what projects you like, how long time you would like to have to apply, what we could improve and so on. All responses we analyzed and gradually implement, but we publish now at least some answers to the question “What do you like about us” in order that even those of you who still hesitate apply for our projects no longer hesitate 🙂

“That allows young people for a symbolic price to spend a week or two abroad in order to get to know new countries and people who would otherwise not do; that thanks to you they can try something they would not otherwise have the courage or finance to do and that you indeed educate and build them awareness to do something, to be interested in something and not just go with the crowd with eyes closed“

“The offers are available on the internet, it is not necessary to think much about it, just simply read it and immediately apply 🙂 “

“The widest range of projects of Slovak organizations offering Erasmus projects (from those who I know)”

“Different themes and offers of projects in different countries. I like that you add various other activities (for example, has been added EVS) or „christmas gift“ for young people from socially or economically disadvantaged circumstances”

“Passion to help young people to try out at least for a few days experience stay abroad with various topics and meet new people”
“I like that you give to young people a chance to learn and develop behind the school gate.”

“I like that you give opportunity to young people to travel and learn about other cultures and their view on this issue and it’s also fun for people and learn new things, you offer many projects, I do not what system you use to select people but it is a good opportunity for everyone”

“Contributions about already organized youth exchanges and trainings. Adding photos and also articles. Briefly described offers. Attitude and negotiation.”

“I like very much indeed. I like that with good intensions you are doing a good job. I like that you are trying to spread the good ideas beyond. I like how you do it – you give young people the opportunity to help themselves and others to learn and improve in many things, meet new people from different cultures .. I particularly like, for example, selection of topics and great attitude.”

“You give the opportunity to young people to develop their skills, get to know people of other countries and travel“

“II like that you are giving a chance to those who have never been on the exchange or training before”

“You are an agency that has good references; you always answer; you are fair”

“That offers us opportunities to learn abroad for a minimum price.”

“Simplicity. Everything is clearly written out and its enough just write a cover letter.”

“The opportunity to travel the world, get to know new people, improve the language and learn something new without too high costs”

“That you do something for young people, practically free of charge or for small fees but you provide opportunities for young people for education, travel and discover the world”

“The opportunity to travel, meet new people, but above all learn many interesting findings in the form of an informal, active and creative learning”

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