Create, Act, Manage (Creactment) – Our Turkish Experience

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Create, Act, Manage (Creactment) – Our Turkish Experience

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In the beginning of spring, the Slovak team of Any and Peter have been participating in  a learning mobility project of Yaşar University, which took place from 24/02/2017 to 03/03/2017 in Izmir, Turkey. Slovak team met there amazing people from different countries like Lithuania, Croatia, Spain, Czech republic, Portugal, Pakistan, Greece and Italy. Together we tried to discover our creativity. We worked in reflection groups, where we enjoyed the opportunity to share our opinions or ideas about the project and discuss about daily activities.

The project was full of interesting training courses, during them we have learnt to implement intercultural learning in a team, we were looking for innovative solutions for youth policies, we were discovering each other, intercultural diferences and project cycle management.

For my future job was very useful course about time management and creative solutions, where I learnt the basic structure how to create quickly good project, just constructed on the main ideas. Sometimes is better to think practically, not to try to finish 100 things in the same time, that is recommendation for each woman 🙂

We had space to express our fears, expectations and contributions connected with the project during teambuilding activities and we learnt more about tools for creative thinking, which was necessary to use by working on each project everyday.

Our staying in Izmir was not only about learning and creating some projects, we had fun every night outside the hotel, where we enjoyed turkish atmosphere and it was also opportunity to get to know better each other, so finally we created our erasmus family.

During the project, we had some special program, for example when volunteers from NGO visited us and they introduced us their organisation, their jobs, they showed us why is such a pleasure to be volunteer, they gave us a lot of their energy, ambiotions and motivation. So we could say that we gained a lot of social communication skills.

After concentrating our memory to finish the project during day, we could just enjoy discovering different cultures and national food in intercultural night and finally in the last party during turkish night. We tried some special drinks, sweetes, cheese and ham from all the parts of Europe. By the way, we made maybe thousands of photos to keep memorable moments and intercultural friendships forever 🙂

After the project, slovak team moved to Istanbul, where we carried on discover amazing Turkey. We saw breathtaking places, we were enjoying turkish pida (something like pizza), ayran (turlish salty milk), sweeties, kebab, smelling the atmosphere in Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and enjoying sunny days, like satisfaction after project time.

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Anežka Vargová

November 19, 2017at 5:32 pm

Jeden z najlepších projektov pre mňa, hlavne po jazykovej stránke 😉 Ďakujem ADEL

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