Establishing cooperation in Slovenia

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Establishing cooperation in Slovenia

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My journey with ADEL started a bit timidly. I applied for training in Slovenia because it is quite close and it was my first Erasmus + abroad. I was used to traveling, but only in Slovakia.

So I filled the Smart copy paste project application and waited. When they told me they had chosen me, there were an endless number of questions. I was inexperienced and I was scared. There were so many questions in my head: Is it a trustworthy organization? Will anyone come there with me? Where I will live? … So far, I’m surprised we didn’t give up everything back then. But I am extremely grateful for that, because ADEL has opened the door to the world I have always wanted to be a part of.

I learned a lot in Slovenia and although I had an unbearable headache after 3 hours for speaking in English, I didn’t give up. I also got to know the beauty of Slovenian nature. Great people and Janka, an ADEL employee with whom we have been pulling this across other projects ever since.

After Slovenia, we established cooperation and I started doing workshops. I dealt with the topic of personal data and their protection. It was interesting to listen to and discuss the views of young people. These workshops were interwoven with knowledge, new information, personal stories, laughter but also “quarrels” that accompanied the guilty / innocent game. The feedback showed me that it makes sense. If you find a way to communicate with young people, you have endless access to widening their minds.

My journey did not end here and Janka and I went to Lódź, where we evaluated the project with our partners.

One project ended but others began. However, I will tell you about them next time.

However, I would like to tell you that you can trust ADEL. They take care of you because they really care about what they do.

– Alex

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