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Inclusion Academy

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“On June 5th, in the early hours of the morning, we left Krakow airport full of expectations and plenty of fears. Destination: Cagliari! The capital of Sardinia! It sounds like a dream! As soon as we landed, a wave of warm air enveloped us, and in our hearts, we knew that our weeks-long adventure was beginning.”

We took advantage of the opportunity to extend our trip and spent the first two days in this beautiful city full of history. On the second evening, a bus awaited us at the airport to take us to the location of the Inclusion Academy training. There, we met for the first time with the group that was going to participate in this program with us. Participants came from Denmark, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, and Italy itself. However, even though we came from different corners of Europe, we soon became one big family where everyone felt welcome.

“Since we arrived close to midnight, there wasn’t much time for getting to know each other, and we all opted to get some rest. The following morning marked the official start of the Inclusion Academy training. Although our program was truly packed, with many topics to cover, the entire informal education process was conducted in an engaging manner, and we were never bored.

The first day was dedicated to introductions and dynamic presentations of our countries. As many participants had experience working with young people from various organizations, there was never a shortage of conversation topics. We tried out numerous workshops, primarily focused on inclusion – how to integrate socially and otherwise disadvantaged individuals into regular activities. Participants from Greece, for example, introduced us to interesting games that can involve people with various disabilities. One of them was COLPBOL, a game that provides equal opportunities for all participants to get involved.”

The organizers, who were part of the Coda di Lupo organization, facilitated their rich experience throughout the entire project. During the last few days, we had more time left, so we decided to visit the nearest village where we were accommodated – Sardara. This picturesque village charmed us, and we didn’t hesitate to taste local delicacies! This training truly enriched us. We made new friends, had new experiences, immersed ourselves in the culture of this beautiful place, and that’s why we recommend this experience to anyone who wants to change their daily routine and embark on real adventures!

-project participants-

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