KA1 Sustain 4 Youth

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KA1 Sustain 4 Youth

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During the beautiful period 28.5.2023 – 2.6.2023 we had the opportunity to participate in a project in Madrid focused on sustainable tourism. And we thought we’d give it a chance! Thanks to ADEL’s cooperation with the Spanish organization “MAD for Europe”, we spent 6 days wandering around the famous Madrid with the intention of finding out how tourism works and the overall sale of goods in local shops. The project was held under the name “KA1 Sustain 4 Youth”.

Together with the participants from the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Cyprus and, of course, Spain, we learned that local shops really work as “green” as possible. Many do not throw away leftovers at the end of the day, but take them to family members. Food is sold in paper bags if possible. Recycling and waste reduction are an essential component of the merchants’ ecological approach. And not only food chains are capable of sustainability. Certain groups made up of people from these different countries chose to work as florists or hairdressers. We also found out from them that they use natural products, paper packaging and even ensure the donation of undamaged hair.

As for the familiarization part of this project, we must start by saying that both the activities and the people exceeded the expectations of each one of us. Thanks to these super people, we got to know traditional customs, dances and foods from different cultures. Thanks to stepping out of the comfort zone, we experienced many unforgettable experiences that will remain in our memories for life. Not only have we met people, but we have made many friendships that we never dreamed of.

As a Slovak team, it should be noted that we met as a great team. As a result, we started the activities with greater joy. Just as other countries presented their culture, our team successfully managed to show what is hidden in us Slovaks.

This project was certainly not our last and we look forward to further cooperation with ADEL!

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