Romanian Adventure

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Romanian Adventure

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From 6 till 16 November 2014 we participated thanks Erasmus + programme and organization ADEL in the project “Science fiction or Sustainable Future” which was held in student Romanian city – Iasi. Besides six participants from Slovakia, there were also participants from Romania, Slovenia and Italy. The first two days we spent getting know ourselves, city and new cultures. After the initial days we had somew workshops on sustainable development. Although before our project we were not aware about this topic, now we know about it a lot…

We can say that sustainable development is a journey that has a future and we should create awareness of thelargest number of people. Workshops, presentations and various activities were organized by non-formal learning methods and in addition, we could learn different things about the life and culture of the countries of the other participants. Apart from the daily training we had also rich evening program, for example – intercultural evenings where each country presented its traditions and typical cuisine. We got know Romanian night life with local residents and students of the city. We spent free day visiting neighboring Moldova and its capital – Chisinau.

We realized that Erasmus + programme is a great opportunity for all of us and we are determined to take advantage of it as much as possible in the future. The project was conducted in English, so we had the possibility to improve our English as well.. But what was most important is that we got new friends around the world.

It was a magical 10 days in a beautiful city with great people with whom we were in such a short time created a really close relationships. We learned about the topic of sustainable development, which is very interesting for us and we will continue to learn about it. Every single day and moment was for us incredible asset and therefore most of even cried during farewell. We believe that we have not seen each other last time and the other great projects lie ahead.

Erika Chrappová, Martina Horková, Angelika Tamásová, Ján Bujnovský, Viktor Majický, Jakub Andreánsky

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