My first and unforgettable exchange

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My first and unforgettable exchange

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You do not know how it looks until you experience it on your own.I was afraid and nervous,because I was not very talkative/communicative person and I had a phobia of talking in front of many people.But it was useless.Not only that we did not have to talk a lot about the topic,but even it was not about that topic and activities around that.There were of course many games and interesting activities,but mainly in very funny way-games like moving debate,painting our own map,many energizers etc. It was about that people.About how you feel in this new area and atmosphere.

Can u imagine group of 26 people who do not know well or not at all each other?And also that it is possible to become a great family in one week? I could not too.Howewer, I have never met so many kind and friendly people who could help you with anything.I felt like at home since the first day,we talked a lot everyday about anything,we were getting to know each other more and at the end of it all everybody was crying.Nobody wanted to go away,because it had been so perfect time with them.

Anyway,this was my first exchange,but every project is different,on every project there are different people,different activities,different topic.But remember one thing:If there is a moment when you want to apply for some exchange,if you have any fears of it,forget about them.I promise you that you will not be sad or dissatisfied,because it does not matter where you are going,but the people are the most important part of it all.You will get many good friends,maybe best friends forever,maybe even new boyfriend or girlfriend,or you will just feel very good with good people around you.

So,I know that it is really challenging to read it all,but do not hesitate on right decision you will make when you apply for some project.You will not forget it and you will thank me for it,that you will have made the biggest decisoin in your life.

My name is Lenka Pavuková,I am from Slovakia,and I participated youth exchange in Le Mans,France.Thank YOU ADEL and EU for these beautiful and amazing experiences you give

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