The right to have rights

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The right to have rights

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This is the name of our training course, which took place on the last week of the holiday in the German capital, BERLIN.

As the name of the project suggests, the project focused on human rights, especially minorities. It all started two days before the start of the project, when we arrived in Germany and went to see the beauties of Belin before the project. Berlin really has a lot to offer, there are countless galleries or museums, which are mostly focused on their history and point out what rights minorities or directly domestic in the past had.

After our small trip around Berlin, we later went to a hotel right in the center of Berlin, where our project took place. The first day consisted of getting to know each other through various games and activities, but the next two days looked similar, but where, in addition to dating games, we also discussed the rights of minorities in our countries and in Europe and the world in general. We presented our findings and our views on the current situation of minority rights in the world.

We have found that we have some problems in common, but there are also many that we face on our own, and I can say for myself that a lot of information. which I learned I was very surprised and it changed my view of many things. Sometimes it was not easy to accept opinions that we did not share, but this project showed us how to accept the opinions of others, how to assert our opinion without the use of anger, and how much we still have to take to move minorities to our level. This project has really given us a lot, not only knowledge and useful experiences, but also new friends from all over Europe.

– Adam Krúpa

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