Apology to Ecology!

Erasmus v Polsku - Wierzchoslawice
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Dátum konania
20/09/2018 - 28/09/2018

Miesta konania
Wierzchosławice, Poland

Typ projektu:

Vybraní účastníci

Zhrnutie o čom mládežnícka výmena bola:

We wanted to encourage participants to be active in protecting the environment. We aimed to make them familiar with the problem of pollution and show them ways to protect the environment. The aim was also to promote eco friendliness. As a result, we will create a social campaign promoting being eco.

Every day, every minute our world becomes more and more polluted. This is a very dangerous problem and especially young people should get concerned with it. Is it really the world we want our children to live in? We strongly believe that young people can together do something to contribute to protecting the environment.

The project was mainly focused on environmental protection and sustainable development. A part of it was also devoted to power engineering. We talked about smog, water/air pollution, recycling. Participants also improved soft skills, such as teamwork, public speaking, communication skills etc. They also participated in study visit to Kraków, worked in teams in many workshops under the eye of facilitators and took part in debates, outdoor activities, meetings with the local community and experts.

• Social campaign STOP SMOG prepared by the participants (campaign consists of „eco knowledge pills” )
• Eco-brochure (brochure promoting friendly attitude to environment and ways how to be eco)
• Enriching knowledge and skills of participants in the area of taking care of our natural environemnt)
• Improvement of soft skills (teamwork, public speaking, communication skills etc. )

Mládežnícka výmena bola určená mladým ľuďom vo veku 18-30 rokov. Účastníci boli z Poľska , Česka , Rumunska , Bulharska a Slovenska . Z každej krajiny bolo po 6 účastníkov.