Be sustainable, don’t WASTE your future

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Dátum konania
07/03/2018 - 14/03/2018

Miesta konania
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

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The main aim of the project “Be sustainable, don’t WASTE your future” was to equip youth workers, young leaders and stakeholders with skills, knowledge and competencies in the field of environmental protection, sustainable growth, smart use of resource etc. Through the program of the training course we created youth leaders who will be able to successfully implement and use the skills and knowledge learned, during their everyday work with young people. They will be able to organize eco-oriented youth projects, lead seminars, trainings, conferences on the topic and use the methods and tools of non-formal education during their work with young people on the topics of environmental friendly sustainable growth.

As project objectives, we can identify the following key points:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the Eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Becoming more aware of resources available for use in our everyday life;
  • Cultivating and encouraging the involvement on a personal level;
  • Raising awareness of the challenges of the modern society: pollution & climate change.
  • Breaking the myths about global warming
  • Discuss and promote the solutions of the above mentioned problems, namely, sustainable business, waste sorting, recycling, renewable energy, urban farming, organic food, etc;
  • Sharing of good practices in the field of youth work and in the field of environmental oriented activity.
  • Creating new methods and tools of non-formal education to be implemented and used in the future work with young people.
  • Creating a network of non-governmental organizations on European level which will be a base for future European project in the field of environmental protection and youth.

The program of the course was based on the methodology of non-formal education and was conducted using a highly interactive and participative approach. The activities were managed by a team of experienced trainers and facilitators.

This international training course was facilitated using various non-formal learning methods such as presentations, discussions, work in groups, buzz groups etc., but also using innovative ones like a new forms of negation techniques or mindfulness meditations. The training course stimulated creativity, active participation, and sense of initiative and involvement of the participants.

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