Building Democratic Europe Together Czestochowa

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Dátum konania
05/06/2017 - 08/06/2017

Miesta konania
Czestochowa, Poland

Typ projektu:

After the transition of the Southern European countries in the 1970s and of the Central European countries at the end of 1980s from totalitarian and authoritarian regimes to democratic systems and democratic consolidation moving on to the enlargement of the European Union, threatening phenomena have appeared on stage: instead of further consolidation of democracy, illiberal, popular and extreme political tendencies have gained ground. Citizens seem to have forgotten about the morals of the past totalitarian regimes and are indifferent towards political and civil society activities.


  • to raise awareness of remembrance about civil society in the last decade(s) of totalitarian regimes and in the transition into democracy – connected to the values of the EU and the history of Europe;
  • to highlight the importance and values of civil society organisations and responsible civic participation in democratic regimes;
  • to involve different generations into collaboration at transnational level;
  • to involve young people in civic participation concerning political issues at EU and national levels in order to build a better future for our common Europe.

Na projekte boli účastníci z Grécka Greece, Poľska Poland, Nemecka Germany, Maďarska Hungary a Slovenska Slovakia