Connecting people

Connecting people
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Dátum konania
16/05/2018 - 22/05/2018

Miesta konania
Denizli, Turkey

Typ projektu:

Vybraní účastníci

Zhrnutie o čom výmena bola:

Communication means understanding each other mutually. However, nowadays, people do not understand each other because we are connected to technology. Instead of talking face to face, we all make our communication via computer or mobile phones. This leads many serious communication problems and excludes being healthy societies. We – as a Social Communication Community- want to do this projects to save people from technology addiction and create awareness about it.

There were several workshops and discussions about this topic, teambuilding activities, intercultural evenings, possibility to visit the city etc.

Main ideas of these projects were to build new friendships, interact with new cultures and destroy the borders between countries. The subject of the project is just a vehicle to capture these.

Účastníci boli z Bulharska , Rumuska , Španielska  a Slovenska .