Dare to be Different

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Dátum konania
20/08/2019 - 30/11/2020

Miesta konania
Central Europe

Typ projektu:

Sme skutočne my ?? a naši susedia ?????? skutočne tak rasistickí a xenofóbni ako to mnohé prieskumy prezentujú? ? Budeme pomocou ? realizovať tzv. sociálne experimenty – rôzne situácie ?️ a správanie ľudí v kontakte s ľuďmi inej farby pleti či náboženstva ? Sme zvedaví na zistenia a samozrejme budeme Vás o všetkom informovať

Viac informácií o čom projekt je v angličtine:

Negative attitudes towards „otherness“ and the prejudice are present in all Europe, but Visegrad countries are „scoring“ nowadays and are often showed as the negative example for many kinds of hatred, prejudice, racism and stereotypes.

There has been many campaigns trying to change people perception, but often using the old fashioned methods. Therefore, with this project, we will develop promotion campaign based on the experience of real people in the real situation – social experiment, which is method still very rarely used in Central Europe.

We will develop several scenarios in all V4 countries and record if people will react differently and find out about stereotypes and prejudice (for example woman in hijab asking for direction vs. woman without hijab asking for direction).

Recording will take on 2 places (small town & village). We will collect 20 reactions on different scenarios. All recording will have to be accompanied with English subtitles for further use. Reactions recorded

will have to short but meaningful and we will involve not only negative but also positive reactions.

All videos will be used for the promo campaign to raise the awareness on negative perceptions and attitudes towards „otherness“.

We will implement this project together with our partners from other Visegrad countries:

Hungary – Institute for Cultural Relations Policy

Czech Republic – Czech Youth Association

Poland – Just do it